Yoga Classes

We offer yoga classes at all levels and for all goals. We are a place for, loving and judgement free! Each class is created to unite the mind, body & soul and is completed with a gentle massage using essential oils, reiki healing, hot towel and tea!



Reiki Is a Japanese word meaning universal life force energy. Reiki is an energetic transmission in the purest form from the most powerful source of energy, the Universe or God. Its a natural non-invasive method of healing, and is a hands on or hands off approach to balancing the subtle energies of the body, mind, and spirit. A Reiki session assists the body in cleansing itself of toxins and facilitates a letting go of tension, a sense of deep relaxation and peace, calms the mind, and helps create feelings of well-being. During a session, The practitioner will assess the energy of your body, looking for sensations of coolness, heat, or tingling. where there is an imbalance detected the practitioner's hands will be over the area until a sense of balance is felt. During your session the use of essential oils, sage, palo santo, will be used, and it will end with an angel card reading, tea and himalayan foot detox.


Workshops/Private Events

Ready to dig deep within your beautiful soul? want to unblock the areas in your body that are keeping you from operating at your best? Then you will want to Stay Tuned for upcoming workshops coming soon!!!

Looking to book us for a yoga session for your next event? we do that too!!! contact us to enquire!!

Price List

*all prices are subject to change without notice...all yoga Class passes must be used within 6 Months of purchase*